Our Services

Administrative Services

Tired of taking your work home? Maybe there are not enough hours in the day to get done what you need to do? Unload some of your administrative tasks on us. From invoicing to document creation, appointment booking to report writing we can help you with those tasks.

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Business Accounting

Our favourite service, yet keeping your books can be an overwhelming task. Let us simplify the process for you. We offer business accounting customized to suit your needs to get you the information that you want from following your business’s finances.

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GST/PST Remittance

Do you know your remittance requirements? Let us guide you.

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Is your business expanding? Excellent! We can walk you through the process of opening a payroll account and can do all of the payroll work for you.

Already established with an employee roster? Great! We can work with you and your current system removing that task from your list of many things to do. We can also collaborate and offer improvements.

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Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service

We can make getting your paperwork done easier! We offer scheduled pick-up/drop-off services so we can come to you to for the paperwork that you need to get to us or get from us.

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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation can be daunting. We offer tax preparation services to everyone, from personal taxes to corporations and everything in between.

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